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Computerised testing and performance testing

To carry out this kind of testing is impossible without having good tools, which assess the state of automation and if all advantages of automation can be used. Current trends of computerised testing have increased by applying artificial intelligence and machine-learning (AI/ML), in order to provide advanced options for optimisation testing, intelligence generated testing, processing and reporting.

Performance testing

Performance tests are processes that determine the speed, sensitivity, and stability of the software, network, or a device while in use. The performance test can include quantitative test done by the testing machine or can be undertaken during the manufacturing process under limited conditions.

Penetration testing

With the help of various types of internal and external penetration attacks, our team of qualified and certified security experts is able to check all your systems and look for security weaknesses or other limitations that can stop your systems from working and thus cause considerable losses. The prevention is in this case the best way of defence. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the services that we provide.

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