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Operation Systems Management

Every IT project needs smooth running and processing activities. That includes running of operating system platforms for Linux/Unix and Windows. We are providing advice and support for more advanced needs. With us, you can keep your systems in good conditions without worrying about it!

Virtualization Management

Our experts will install computer infrastructure, which includes hardware, servers, and virtual computers. Then, they will configure and create user accounts, managed access to networks and disc space. They also carry out maintenance of this virtualization platform.

Company Environment Design ITIL-CSI

Owing to the ITIL and CMDB procedures, our company is working long term with our clients in order to accommodate their requirements, service design, and constantly improve our customer service to them.

Creating a configuration manual of the company ITIL-CMDB

Since the IT infrastructure is becoming more complex, the importance of monitoring and understanding of the data within the IT environment is vital. The use of CMDB is the best practice for the IT leaders who need to identify and determine every part of their infrastructure in order to improve it and improve its management.

Advantages and disadvantages of CMDB

CMDB offers centralised view of the IT data. That provides the IT leaders with better control over their infrastructure. The CMDB user can visualize individual components of the IT infrastructure as well as back up facilities or applications running on a server make it less complex, prevent errors in administration and management, and improve security.

In-house monitoring, cloud

The point of IT monitoring is its simplicity by which to ensure, your IT facilities are ready for use and operate at the expected and necessary level to enable smooth running. We offer complex custom solution, independent of the platform or application.

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