Operation Support Services SAP

One of the key conditions of fulfilling the many attributes of effective running of a business is long term and correct functioning of the company information environment. Unfortunately, there are obvious expenses arising from the securing the functionality of such IT systems and technologies.

Our company helps the clients to operate IT systems and technologies with high efficiency and at the same time, optimise financial resources and acceptable expenses.

Basic package of Operation Support Services:

  1. Definition of the rules and areas of Operation Support Services of the IT system
  2. Setting the SLA parameters
  3. Initial system audit statement
  4. Solutions to the system everyday running requirements
  5. Design and implementation of new solutions
  6. Technical Documentation
  7. Creation of users’ documentation

Consultation services SAP

Our company provides consultation services and solutions of a high benefit, as that increase the effectiveness of running of the internal and the external processes. Those services include designing of the solution, its development, testing and implementation to productive process as well as post implementation and operational support. In addition, system upgrades are a part of our service.

Tech. Doc. Generator – Technical Documentation Generating
Benefits of Tech. Doc. Generator
Benefits of SAP HANA

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