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Open Source


We do not wait what the future brings; we are bringing the future to you!

There are many good reasons why to move to Open Source. The most obvious idea is to save the money spent on the licence fees. However, for the migration process to be successful and for you to be able to use all of its advantages, you will have to invest in the moving process itself. In this instance, you need to make short-term financial sacrifices in order to achieve long-term savings.

Our role

You as a company probably already own various products and we are looking for the alternatives to those. We will move your systems to our “custom solutions”, with the promise that your user parameters will remain unchanged despite the software changes. Our clients often report that after updating their licensed software product, users lose their confidence and accept the changes with negativity.

The products that we are offering are based on Open Source products such as:

  • SW Proxy and SW load balancer: Apache, HaProxy
  • Application servers: Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Wildfly, GlassFish
  • Distributed Streaming Platform: Apache Kafka
  • Database platform: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL

Do you need to create reliable IT solution , but you have no BRAIN for it?
We will create it for you!

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