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Cross-Platform and Native App Development

BRAIN:IT as a mobile app development company provides professional app implementation and developers. We will help businesses build commercial and custom mobile applications for any mobile platform or operating system.

How we work?

9 simple steps


Go from innovative idea to product roadmap – in just 1 day. We build the roadmap to your app’s success and discuss core functionality, competitors, mobility solutions, monetization strategy, and app marketing. The result is a detailed action plan outlining the steps required to execute your product growth strategy.


Take Your Software Idea from Paper to Prototype in just 5 day. The result is a non-functional clickable prototype that you can use to gaather feedback & test your assumptions.

3. Technical design

Before we commit a line of code, we will work with you to determine the ideal front- and back-end technology stack for your mobile app project. Choosing the right technology is a crucial step as it will determine your app’s user experience, scalability and performance.

4. UX design

Next up we will design the architecture of your app. It is one of the most important parts of the mobile development process as it determines how intuitively users can navigate through your app.

5. UI design

Once the wireframes are ready, our seasoned UI/UX designers will create style decks tailored to your app’s targeted user. At this stage, we will also test fully-rendered click-through models before handing off to the software development team.


Reduce Time-to-Market with our Fast & Agile Development Process – in just 4-8 Weeks. The result is a non-functional clickable prototype that you can use to gaather feedback & test your assumptions.


This is when we begin building your iOS/Android application in an iterative mobile development process. Each cycle includes planning, custom development, testing, and code review.


Your mobile app is ready to be presented to the world! As a top mobile app development company, we make sure the application fits all the technical and design criteria set by official app stores and take care of post-deployment, bug fixing, and continuous improvement.


When you are scaling your product, you need a trusted product partner to keep an improving your software. We are your product team on demand advising your team or improving your software with agile development sprints strategically prioritized on your customers’ needs.

How much will your app cost

The cost of each app will depend on the required functionality and technology. To get a project cost estimation, define the requirements for your application now!

Esitimate project

Media Houses

We helped,,, and other businesses overcome the challenges to achieve their competitiveness.

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Production & Automotive

Our integrated solution helps companies overcome the challenges associated with their complex HR management processes in the automotive industry, and much more.

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We provide the possibility of completely replacing the old legacy software system while analyzing all data generated from multiple sources in real-time. Or we will build a reliable whole new one to gain a business competitive edge.

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