Mathematical Modeling & Optimization

With the use of mathematical modeling, we can optimize processes and resources in your company.

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Mathematical Modeling and Optimization

Transportation and Logistics

one of the possible cases is determining the best possible locations for the depot, warehouse, and logistics centers, including determining optimal distribution and flow of goods and supplies within all these places. Another case is to identify freight routes and personal transport, minimize mileage, eliminate empty transits and vehicles idle time, and serve the highest possible number of customers. This area also covers determining appropriate carriage stock for the effective operation of proposed or already existing infrastructure.

Industrial Production Area

Optimization of the manufacturing process, identification, the best choice for production at a specific moment, considers current market situation and optimizes resources. Also, management of work shifts for customers, time schedules for customers rotation among changes, and positions. If there are positions with various difficulties or even health risks, it is possible to create such a plan to occupy them evenly. The last to mention in this section is analyzing and suggesting time-schedules for logistics and delivery of goods.

How we work?


Go from innovative idea to product roadmap – in just 1 day. We build the roadmap to your app’s success and discuss core functionality, competitors, mobility solutions, monetization strategy, and app marketing. The result is a detailed action plan outlining the steps required to execute your product growth strategy.


Before we commit a line of code, we will work with you to determine the ideal front-end and back-end technology stack for your mobile app project. Choosing the right technology is a crucial step as it will determine your app’s user experience, scalability and performance.


Reduce Time-to-Market with our Fast & Agile Development Process – in just 4-8 Weeks. The result is a non-functional clickable prototype that you can use to gaather feedback & test your assumptions.


When you are scaling your product, you need a trusted product partner to keep an improving your software. We are your product team on demand advising your team or improving your software with agile development sprints strategically prioritized on your customers’ needs.

How much will your solution cost

The cost of each solution will depend on the required functionality and technology. To get a project cost estimation, define the requirements for your application now!

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