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Modelling and optimisation

The aim of optimisation is to simplify the processes and to manage effectively the resources. This in turn will enable you to lower your expenses, increase the amount, and quality of the production, attractiveness, and availability of your products to your customers. The use of optimisation is present in almost every field- industrial manufacturing, transport, logistics, planning, building industry as well as in administration and public services.

Modelling and simulation

What is the basis for this experimental process? It is the creating of a model of a researched system and consequent experimenting with this system. The aim of such experiment is to carry out thorough research and analysis of the processes as well as complete functioning of the whole system (such as assembly hall, warehouse, logistic centre, depot, trans-loading of lorries or wagons, electric power plant, shopping mall, junction, traffic network, railways, cars, trains or a parking house).

Simulation is used throughout many industries – logistics, transport as well as healthcare, education, research, economics, weather forecasting, utility systems, crisis management and many others.

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