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Transport, security, services, healthcare, or education – artificial intelligence plays in today’s modern technology enriched world irreplaceable role. The impact of artificial intelligence on everyday life situations is undisputable. Would you not say?

Perhaps you could, albeit unconsciously, recognise effects of artificial intelligence this morning. Perhaps you have parked in the “smart car park”. The one where the car park monitors availability of its own parking spaces and would navigate the driver to a free space. Then again, might be you have crossed “smart traffic light junction”. Those junctions independently monitor the traffic. They can switch the traffic lights according to the current traffic need or prioritise coming public transport or emergency vehicles.

Last, but not least, there is security sector. Artificial intelligence can analyze CCTV footage or sound sensors recordings. The files can be processed in real time and artificial intelligence is immediately able to detect road traffic incident, gunshot, or acts of vandalism (such as graffiti spraying).

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