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Process of identification and evaluation of diseases, especially the cancerous ones, is currently very challenging. The main problem is caused not only by the processing time constrains, but also lack of human resources to do the individual processes. This might be the reason behind implementation of the artificial intelligence in the healthcare becoming imperative.

How would this work? The Artificial Intelligence enables automatic evaluation of microscopic samples or X-ray images. At the same time, AI is able to pre-select samples and discovers any possible anomalies. By using the artificial intelligence we can efficiently, easily and reliably identify breast cancer cells, skin cancer, evaluate skin marks, or even recognise tuberculosis from an X-ray image.

The doctors then, instead of long and laborious process of researching and sample evaluating can mechanize the process and are able to spend more time with their patients.

Do not hesitate and speed up the way to more effective treatment of your oncology patients.

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