Artificial Intelligence

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Just imagine that a robot built your car. At home, your lighting or lowering the ambient temperature in the evenings can be pre-set to go off at a certain time. Your favourite e-shop uses a chat assistant to communicate with you. All these activities are these days completely natural. This shows just how much the artificial intelligence reaches all aspects of our lives.

Due to its fantastic results, machine-learning algorithms have wide scale of uses. You can find its applications in industrial manufacturing, intelligent transporting, intelligent households, security systems, healthcare, and banks as well as in our personal Smart phones.


What is the future of industry? Well, in process automation! When switching to automation, as well as optimizing the production process, artificial intelligence can help you significantly. And the rate of its use is really wide.

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How do you guarantee patients quick diagnosis and evaluate effective treatment if you do not have enough time or human resources? For your needs we will create a computer vision system in the form of artificial intelligence in the form of neural networks, which will automatically evaluate the samples, select them and classify them as positive, respectively. negative.

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Would you like to drive in an autonomous vehicle that will automatically check the road situation, including road conditions? Artificial intelligence in transport is no longer just a futuristic vision of sci-fi movies. The future of the automotive industry is literally hidden in electric vehicles.

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Smart Cities

What is the goal of the Smart Cities concept? We offer you how information and communication technologies and artificial intelligence will improve the quality of life of the population. At the same time, they will ensure an increase in the quality and efficiency of local government services.

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