It is possible to connect PAULA application to most of the camera types and it is available in two
versions. You do not need internet connection to use it.


Restrictions for businesses are gradually being relaxed, but we still have to comply with strict regulations, such as the number of people in the business. That’s why we have decided to include a new people COUNTING feature in our the PAULA application. PAULA can now also warn you if there are more people in the store than are allowed except person without mask.

Application PAULA is a tool for automated controlling of compliance with the new regulation of compulsory masks wearing. This new regulation was issued by the National Council of the Slovak Republic in connection with the effort to stop the spread of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and orders all citizens to wear a face cover in the form of a mask, surgical mask, respirator, shawl, scarf or other aid that covers nose and mouth. Covering one’s face is mandatory in all public areas or generally in public. However, it is particularly important to adhere to this
regulation in shopping malls, grocery stores, petrol stations and similar businesses, where it is possible for larger groups to gather at a time.

Despite most of the people obey this regulation, it happens sometimes that some do not put on a mask when they enter these businesses, whether by negligence or they just forget to do it, thus unnecessarily jeopardize others around them.

The first simple and quick use of PAULA in practice can be taking a normal computer with
monitor, camera and speaker and simply putting it in the corridor in front of the office. The
system will alert you if you have a mask forgotten on your neck or in the bag.

Lite version that you can run on any computer, just connect the camera.

Standard version of PAULA that achieves high accuracy, however with higher hardware

PAULA user manual which is valid for both versions.

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