PAULA application analyzes video in real time. In case it detects a person in the picture without a mask, it responds with a sound warning and displays a notification on screen. Customer therefore realizes he-she does not have a mask or an employee can warn them.

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Let us introduce our software application ANNA, dedicated to the doctors/pathologists. ANNA offers module of quantitative and semi-quantitative values determination of immunohistochemical nuclear markers staining. It can determine the percentage of positive tumor cells from the overall number of tumor cells, while not counting other present cellular elements to the overall number.

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There is no question in personal data being safe – it is obvious to us. Entering sensitive data to the application or processing personal data in your software requires maximum protection.  We can provide this protection through our NFQES services.

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BMB social

BMB social is free, was free and always will be. Beautiful Mind and Body, short BMB is a tool for people who want to have a beautiful body and mind.

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Do you like to go to nature and love the views? Then the Look Around application is just for you. You will find information about all tourist lookout towers and lookout towers in Slovakia and the border, and in time there will certainly be more lookout towers near our neighbors.

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Brain:IT Academy

At Brain:IT Academy, we have a wide range of IT courses and certification exams aimed at improving digital skills and knowledge.

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