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We provide effective integration to get more data to transform for creating interesting content for your users. If a data source is robust and effective, we can use Artificial Intelligence for pre-processing data and give you a competitive advantage.

Get your content with your reference to social networks or your partner solutions. Custom integration provides you auto-generated content and the ability to manage your data flow in real-time.

Search engine optimization

There is no magic in SEO. At first, we need to do some analysis, but not just about your system but also your data and business process. We want to optimize your website and provide you system to stay ahead of your competitors. When you know how to work, we can implement a solution with auto-generated tags and notifications.

User experience

User experience (UX) refers to any interaction a user has with a product or service. UX design considers each and every element that shapes this experience, how it makes the user feel, and how easy it is for the user to accomplish their desired tasks. This could be anything from how a physical product feels in your hand, to how straightforward the checkout process is when buying something online. The goal of UX design is to create easy, efficient, relevant and all-round pleasant experiences for the user.

“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

— Don Norman, Cognitive Scientist & User Experience Architect

Custom development

We strive to develop customized responsive web development solutions, not cookie-cutter projects. Each website we develop is truly unique, tailored to your users’ needs. Our custom web builds do not rely on templates, plugins or “found code.” This allows us to provide you with a custom-built, user-friendly, stable, and reliable website.

Much easier to modify when your business starts growing
Better option in the long run maintenance
Unique and specific design
Full control of ensuring its security
Better customer experience and the site’s reliability
The development time depends largely on the complexity of your desired website

Content management systems

A content management system (CMS) is used to manage and deploy website content. With a content management system, users can create, edit, and delete content from a site. Typically CMS software offers an interface that does not require HTML skills or other technical knowledge. Content managers and authors can make changes without the help of a developer. However, customizing the layout and site experience may still require some coding.

So how does a CMS differ from custom development?

It is always faster to develop with a CMS than build a site from scratch
CMS helps you navigate your site easily, making any changes via a user-friendly interface
CMS themes provides stunning designs that may suit your needs perfectly.
CMS platforms give you access to already functional bits of features, these tools are significantly cheaper than custom development services
Performance depends on its complexity

Hard to expand the site’s capabilities when you start gaining more customers

Website Security

The Internet is a dangerous place! With great regularity, we hear about websites becoming unavailable due to denial of service attacks, or displaying modified (and often damaging) information on their homepages. In other high-profile cases, millions of passwords, email addresses, and credit card details have been leaked into the public domain, exposing website users to both personal embarrassment and financial risk.

The purpose of website security is to prevent these (or any) sorts of attacks. The more formal definition of website security is the act/practice of protecting websites from unauthorized access, use, modification, destruction, or disruption.

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