Digital signatures, especially qualified signatures, are used in almost every industry.

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Digital signature
What we offer

What we offer

We offer a comprehensive implementation of the electronic signatures’ usage in the company or institution. Our solution is cloud and also stand-alone with integration to your information systems which provides full support and comfort for users. We support Qualified electronic signature and eIDAS certificates which are required for communication with government authorities in the European Union.

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What an electronic signature ensures:

  • authenticity – unambiguous identification of the person or institution that signs the document
  • integrity – the sent document reaches the addressee in its unaltered form
  • non-repudiation – the sender cannot deny the existence of the document

You can use an electronic signature by:

  • State communication (Tax office, Customs Administration, Commercial register, courts, etc.)
  • Communication and work with the customer and / or supplier
    • Electronic invoicing
    • Confirm balances
    • Conclusion of contracts
    • Any legal acts
  • Elimination of unnecessary paper documentation
  • Elimination of the use of postal and courier services
  • Elimination of physical encounters in legal proceedings
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What an electronic signature ensures
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