We use agile development methodologies, which means that we actively communicate with a customer during the development process, so he always has all recent information about which functionalities are in progress at a specific time to join this process and actively participate in the implementation of his delivery.

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A significant part of the business’s competition is keeping up with technological innovations as AI technology. Gain a competitive advantage with well-designed and customized artificial intelligence solutions built to suit your business goals and challenges. Our experienced and certified team will work with you to design, develop, and implement a fully custom solution to help you move forward.

“This is the way.” How your company can access AI:

  • AI strategy – identifying opportunities and creating roadmaps for utilization of machine learning in the company
  • AI product management – identifying opportunities and implementing machine learning in specific projects and products.
  • Feasibility analysis – specifying solutions, assessing their performance, data requirements, and limitations, creating implementation roadmaps.
  • Pilot projects – fast proof of concept construction, validating ideas and assumptions
  • Data model – advising on optimizing gathering, storage, and transformation of data and an overall data model.
  • Expert engagement – increasing the AI capacity and capability by engaging an expert team on a time and material basis.
  • AI technology stack – choosing and implementing the right tools with your team
  • Building in-house machine learning teams help create job position requirements, test assignments, lead interviews, and provide continuous support.
  • Machine learning education – providing educational courses, tutoring, cooperation, aimed either at data scientists or executives
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Michal Papučík

Chief operating officer

Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in how things work, hardware and software was only the first stop in the IT sector, which was quickly supplemented by computer networks. Thanks to my curiosity, I was able to go through many positions in the IT sector from IT Developer through Project Manager and others. Today I work in a company with a healthy corporate culture, where we all work together on our common vision. Let us help you with yours.

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