We help create an effective environment for your business by using the latest innovations and modern integrations, giving us an edge over the competition.

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Online and Media Houses
integrations- online and media houses


We provide effective integration to get more data to transform for creating interesting content for your users. If a data source is robust and effective, we can use Artificial Intelligence for pre-processing data and give you a time advantage.

Get your content with your reference to social networks or your partner solutions. Custom integration provides you auto-generated content and the ability to manage your data flow in real time.

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Search Engine Optimization

There is no magic in Search Engine Optimization. First, we need to do an analysis of not only your system but also your data and processes. We need to optimize your site and provide you with a system that will help you stay one step ahead of your competition. We will also implement a solution with auto-generated tags and notifications.

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UX design

User experience

User experience (UX) means any user interaction with a product or service. UX design takes into account all the elements that contribute to this experience, how the user feels and how easily he does what he needs. This can be anything from feeling the physical product in your hands to how intuitive buying is when buying things online. The goal of UX design is to create a simple, effective, relevant and overall user-friendly experience.

“The user experience includes all aspects of end-user interactions with the company, its services and its products.”

– Don Norman, Cognitive Scientist & User Experience Architect

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Website Security

The Internet is a dangerous place! We often hear about websites that are not available due to DoS attacks or display modified (often malicious) information on the main pages. In one case, millions of passwords, email addresses, and credit card information came to the surface with high damage, exposing users to financial risk and loss of privacy. The purpose of website security is to protect any attacks. A more formal definition of website security is an effort

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website security
custom development media houses

Custom development

We try to create original, unique, responsive, responsive web solutions, not non-original everyday projects. Each site we develop is unique and tailored exactly to your users. We do not rely on templates, plugins or “discovered code” to create websites. This will allow us to provide you with a stable, friendly and reliable solution.

Adjustments are made much easier when your business starts to grow.
Full control over security.
Better long-term maintenance options.
Better user experience and website reliability.
Unique and specific design.
The development time depends on the complexity of the website you want.

Content management system

Content management system (CMS) is used to manage and create content on a website. With a content management system, a user can create, edit, and delete content from a page. Typical CMS software offers an interface that does not require programming skills. Content managers and authors can make edits without the help of a developer. However, you will need to program to adjust the page layout.


How does CMS differ from custom development?

Creating a page with a CMS is faster than creating a page without the help of a CMS.

CMS platforms make available to you already functional parts of some functionalities, these tools are cheaper than custom development services.

CMS makes it easier for you to navigate the site, making any adjustments to the site through a simple interface.

Performance depends on the complexity of the site.

CMS themes offer a stunning design that can fit you perfectly.

The site is difficult to scale as you start gaining more and more customers.

Case Studies

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Virtual assistant Chat Bot

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24. January 2021

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